a midsummer night’s dream

OPENING SOON - 24 Oct-3 Nov 2019
Endemicworld - Auckland

After a trip to Samoa, Alice Berry was inspired to create a new series of paintings that captured her time there. ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, a title borrowed from the Shakespeare story perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the exhibition.

During the warm evenings in Samoa, Alice was able to sit outside and enjoy all the magic the island had to offer, vibrant colours, the beautiful culture of it’s people, the warmth of the air, insects chirping, and the sweet smell of the flowers. It wasn’t until she arrived home she started to question whether it was real, or was it all a dream. These paintings are memories of Alice’s time away, an essence of the midsummer night and the magic that can be found in it.


power jacket

06 - 24 August 2018
Lake House Arts Trust - Auckland

Power Jacket was run to commemorate the upcoming 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand. An exhibition of 35 jackets also making powerful statements, only this time the messages will be for a good cause.

The title ‘Power Jacket’ is taken from the idea of the power suit, a symbol of second-wave Feminism. The word 'empowerment' is also a derivative of 'power' and it's a word that has long been linked to political movements. Jackets were used for this exhibition as women and fashion have a long and complex relationship, however, insignias on jackets are indicative of movements. Often these movements are more associated with male cultures such as heavy metal or punk music and political subcultures. This exhibition will use the same platform to give women a voice.

UTERUS is about women making a stamp in a man’s world. I used a men’s jacket emblazoned with a uterus. On the front the XX represents women and the tassels are for fun. Or your nipples. Whatever you want! Everyone giggled when it came down the runway, which I loved.

power jacket

outta space

17 May-7June 2018
Studio One - Auckland

An exploration into feelings of helplessness, anxiety, moments of calm and empowerment. Alice is a warrior from the battle of anxiety. Through these paintings she is able to express herself and relax at the same time. The past year has thrown some tough challenges at her, as well as some amazing achievements. OUTTA SPACE represents both the mental experience and Alice’s love for the universe. The theme of OUTTA SPACE is also represented by Alice’s artwork creeping its way out onto the frames. In her experience nothing fits perfectly in a box, so why should her art.

AliceBerry_OutOfSpace_Exhibition_May18 (86 of 159).jpg
AliceBerry_OutOfSpace_Exhibition_May18 (66 of 159).jpg
AliceBerry_OutOfSpace_Exhibition_May18 (137 of 159).jpg


6-7 May 2017
Thievery Studio, K'Rd, Auckland

After struggling through a solid year of intense anxiety, Alice has come through the other side and decided to put herself out there with a collection of her abstract paintings – WONDERLAND. This collection expresses Alice’s feelings and experiences. This collection celebrates individuality and colourfulness within ourselves. You will see paint on the frames. This represents being outside the box. Alice is definitely not ‘inside the box’, so why should her paintings be!

midnight garden