After struggling through a solid year or so of intense anxiety,
Alice has come through the other side and decided to put herself
out there with a collection of her abstract paintings – WONDERLAND.
This collection expresses Alice’s feelings and experiences. Each was painted in
one session. Some have been painted over up to 6 times until the feeling is right.
This collection celebrates individuality and colourfulness within ourselves.
You will see paint on the frames. This represents being outside the box.
Alice is definitely not ‘inside the box’, so why should her paintings be!
Below is a snapshot of the work that will be on show.

••• ENJOY •••

(If you would like to feature these images in a blog please enquire
with Alice Berry for permission. Artwork may not be reproduced or copied at any time.
© Copyright Alice Berry 2017.)

Alice Berry – Wonderland
Alice Berry – Dancing Auroras



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